Vote: What was your weight loss wake up call?

When you read stories about weight loss, you'll notice that many people experience a kind of wake up call that precedes a serious attempt to lose weight. This wake up call often comes out of left field - Seeing a picture of yourself in a bathing suit, your doctor telling you you're thisclose to diabetes or the salesperson at Macy's suggesting you start shopping in the plus size department.

It seems strange that we can go along, completely unaware of just how much weight we've gained, but it's surprisingly easy. It's not often we get an objective look at ourselves (and the dressing rooms at the department stores don't count, because everyone know they're all full of 'fat' mirrors).

I remember one story a client told me: *Diane was sitting in a doctor's office and a woman came in with her child. She was looking for a place to sit and the child said, "Hey, there's a seat next to that fat lady!" Diane smiled, thinking how embarrassing it was for that poor woman, whoever she was, to be called out like that...until the child sat in the chair next to her, at which point a giant hole opened up, swallowing Diane, chair and all. (At least, that's what happened in her fantasy). In reality, her face went up in flames in embarrassment and she called me the next day, vowing to show that child just what a 'fat lady' could do. Diane ended up losing more than 80 pounds and is amazed to this day how that one comment made such an impression.

What about you? Did you have a wake up call and, if so, where did it come from? Don't forget to share your weight loss success story, if you've got one.

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