New Review: Everybody Dance for PlayStation 3 Move

I've always been a fan of video games that get people moving, particularly those that require dancing...not only is it fun to do (providing you can get over looking silly), it's fun to watch other people doing it (because it's more fun to watch other people look silly).

Aside from the silly factor, exergames can offer a decent workout, depending on the game you play, how hard you work at it and your fitness level. Everybody Dance for PlayStation 3 Move is the latest offering in dance-as-exercise and, on the surface, it isn't all that different from the others - There's music, there's a controller, there's a dancer on the screen and there's you, attempting to mimic the movements.

Where it does stand out is with the music (there are selections from every decade to satisfy all ages) and the technology: A controller coupled with an eye camera that tracks your movements for accuracy.

The sweat factor doesn't always live up to what you would get from a traditional workout but, if you want to burn extra calories while having fun, Everybody Dance may be a good choice.

Be sure to leave a comment about your experiences. Do you use video games to exercise? Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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