Is it Time for Something New?

If you exercise on a regular basis, you're probably familiar with the lather-rinse-repeat phenomenon that occurs with almost any exercise program. You get into a nice comfortable routine (Monday: Running, Tuesday: Weights, Wednesday: Yoga, etc.) and it's all working like a well-oiled machine until, suddenly, it doesn't.

Maybe it's burnout or overtraining, maybe you aren't seeing results or maybe you're not sure why you suddenly hate your workout just know that the thought of dragging your behind out of bed for a workout requires more energy than you have available.

The transition from winter to spring is often when workout ruts appear. We're tired of the old and, perhaps, not quite sure what the new should be. But, it's just that feeling that calls for a new challenge. Thinking of that, how could you challenge yourself this week? Any change will work, such as: Work Harder - If you always work at a moderate intensity, maybe it's time to push your limits and see what you're really capable of. Try adding intensity to your workouts or try high intensity interval training to give your cardio workouts a boost. Try challenging yourself at least once this week to see what it feels like to push yourself. Back Off - On the other hand, if high intensity is your middle name, what would it be like to work at an easy pace? Try working at a lower intensity for at least one of your workouts, or cut your workout in half and spend the rest of the time stretching. Give your body a chance to slow down and enjoy what you're doing. Set a New Goal - What are your goals and how long have you been working for them? Maybe it's time to set new goals: A race, a new class, a new workout schedule. Something different may be just what you need to get excited about your workouts. Take an Extra Rest Day - For some of us type A exercisers, 'extra rest day' isn't in our vocabularies. That extra rest, however, may be just what your body needs to come back to your workouts stronger than before. Add an Exercise Day - For those of you who have plenty of rest days, adding just one extra day and trying something totally different may be what you need to take your training to the next level.

Those are just a few ideas. What can you come up with? Think about it and leave a comment telling us how you'll challenge yourself this week.

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