What Throws You Off Your Exercise Game?

We all have more than one obstacle to exercise but, for most of us, there's always this one thing, be it stress or fatigue or an old injury, that throws us off our game every time.

Sometimes there's pattern there that we don't recognize, perhaps because it's so familiar, we don't even see it anymore. For one of my clients, her monthly meeting with her boss almost always led to a week or more of stress-induced eating and TV-watching (instead of exercise). For another client, it was an old knee injury. Each time it flared up, he would cancel his sessions, spend a week or two nursing his wound and his frustration and end up putting on any weight he'd lost.

What's interesting is that neither client recognized that it was a pattern, often happening so regularly, I could almost pinpoint to the day when both would fall off the wagon. However, once they recognized that it, indeed, was a pattern, they were able to do something about it. Now, my stressed client schedules an extra session with me on the day of her monthly meeting to work off her stress (and vent about her annoying boss). My knee client has started working with a physical therapist so we have exercises we can do when his knee acts up.

Thinking about this, is there a pattern to your exercise life? Things that throw you off again and again that, maybe, you haven't recognized? Tell me what regularly throws you off your exercise game.

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