Relationships and Weight Gain

There are certain life events that practically beg us to gain weight: Going to college, getting a 'real' (aka, sitting-on-butt) job, getting older and one of our favorite weight-gaining events: Getting into a relationship.

What is it about falling in love that often leads to weight gain? It's common for many of us to gain weight after getting married, but even a serious, monogamous relationship can pack on the pounds. Just some of the reasons include: Eating out more often More snuggle time, less active time Less worry about weight after finding love Picking up bad habits from our loved one.

It's easy to let things slide without even being aware that the scale is creeping up and what comes on isn't always easy to get off, especially if both of you aren't on the same page.

What about you? Have you ever gained weight after getting into a relationship? Were you able to lose the weight or are you still struggling with that extra weight gain?

Leave a comment and tell us about your experience with relationships and weight gain.

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